About Us

Introduction of Organization

The organisation came into force since 1989. The organisation had started with an objective to provide technical knowledge to the youths. As it is said that “Change is a rule of Nature”, we as an organisation has also change as per the time and today we stand as a big organisation comprising of 20 centers working under the umbrella named Citizen Technical Institute. The Trust was started with single centre, but today it has spread its branches in Akola, Amravati, Buldhana, Washim, district and our future plan is to start the working in Bhandara, Yavatmal , Nagpur, Jalgaon districts also. So there will be total 30 centers where we work hard to achieve our objective.

Our aim is to train, educate and inspire people to become professionals, so that they get employment or self-employment to live their life with grace. The statistics says that about 70% of Indian population is aged between 18 to 30 years, lives in rural area. We aim at targeting such youth to raise their aspiration of career. And to achieve this objective, we work in consultation with NULM and PMKUVY and also with MSSDS.

We believe that skill education is the engine for the economic growth and development of the country. We aim at creating such opportunity so as to meet the ever going demand of today’s challenges. Main objectives of our institute are mentioned as;

  • The emphasis is to skill the youths so that they get employment and/or self-employment.
  • To provide training, support & guidance for the occupations like welders, fabrication, nurses, tailors, banking, constructions etc.
  • To increase the standard of training so as to increase the standard of living and hence to live a better life.
  • To raise the confidence, improve productivity and direct the youths for better job opportunities.
  • To improve the physical and mental development of the youths, this will in return contribute to increase the economic growth and development of the country.


by keeping in mind right to education we are to provide skill education to urban poor candidates an organised manner so that they can earn sustainable live Hood . We encourage such candidates to be a part of courses that can provide them employment or self employment opportunities which can lead to better standard of Living.


We believe in integrity, openness and respect for everyone